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SKU: 4-T4dual-v-wg-ss

4 to T4-dual 304ss v-band wg

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The worlds first billet merge collector, with fully integrated wastegate v-band flanges! No need to purchase separate flanges, or weld them on.

The ultimate part for making exhaust manifolds for maximum performance. Featuring smooth transitions, and exact dimensions for the best flow possible. This translates into less back pressure, and means more power with the same boost, or the same power with lower boost (and less lag)!

This CNC billet turbo collector features chamfered entry pipes to make welding as simple as possible. This ready-to-weld part cuts hours or days off your exhaust manifold build time, and gives you a much better exhaust manifold!

This is the best CNC merge collector available on the market. CNC machined from a solid billet for maximum durability.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Weight: 1.938kg

Entry pipes: 48.3mm outer diameter, 2.8mm wall thickness, matches schedule 10 1.5"

Flange: standard T4 dual scroll flange, M10x1.5 threads

Wastegate Flange: Tial mv-r 44mm

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