After winning the World Time Attack 2018 championship with our Elmer Racing "Thor" engine, in the superb RP968, we set our next mark at beating the highest power-to-mass (power-to-weight) ratio for any circuit racing engine.
We have failed miserably though, since we have not been able to find any comprehensive list of the highest power output, and highest OEM power-to-mass ratio engines either available, or historical.

We are therefore announcing a bounty of a free choice of any billet Elmer Racing merge collector (over 200 to choose from!) to whoever finds the most powerful and highest power-to-mass ratio OEM circuit racing engine!

Participation instructions:
Create a post with picture, power, mass, and details of the engine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Youtube! Tag #beatThor and @elmerracing on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, or @elmerracingdotcom on Facebook, so that we'll see the entries. Engine details and links will help us verify and rank the claims!
Clarification: Comments are very welcome, but to qualify as a entry, you must make a post with the above tags.
Putting the data online to help others also (such as on Wikipedia) is highly valued, but not required.

1: Engine must be OEM manufactured. Examples: Ferrari V10 F1 engine is accepted, Megatron (rebranded BMW) F1 engine just accepted (OEMish enough), MCA Hammerhead SR20 engine not accepted
2: Engine must have been used for circuit racing successfully in at least one event. Road racing, oval, time attack etc. type events qualify. (engine must have been proven to provide adequate cooling, lubrication etc. for "continuous" use)
3: Engine must have credible power charts/calculations/estimates available. (Credibility of different sources will be a judgment call solely done by Elmer Racing)
4: Engine must have credible mass data/calculations/estimates available. "Long block" or complete engine mass values are acceptable. Turbocharged engines mass are to include mass of the turbocharger. (Credibility and comparison depending on engine accessories etc. as above)
5: Person submitting the engine with the highest power-to-mass ratio wins!
6: Bounty ends at 2018/2019 New Year's, standard time.
7: Adjustment and clarification of rules will be performed by Elmer Racing as needed.

Contact us on your favorite social media for details! (as long as it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube)

The Elmer Racing billet custom racing engine "Thor" is now officially the 3x back-to-back fastest unlimited class TimeAttack engine in the world!

Elmer Racing is pleased to announce that we have signed a agreement with ARDN Technology for the development and series production of a powerful, light weight and fuel efficient engine for unmanned areal cargo vehicle use in ARDN's drones.