Time for a er8 update! Lots of new tools and race car development capability for us, some good news, and some not so good news.

How do you build a car with twice the power of a modern F1 car, lighter weight, and with much more downforce than even the Group C le-mans ground effect monsters? Lets take a look at the ElmerRacing er8!

Even bigger aero numbers!

We're back on the er8 project, now targeting WTAC 2023! A lot has changed since the previous update, such as running CFD on a server optimized for it. Over 10x faster, and much easier to manage updates on a shared memory system like this, compared to running our previous distributed system. Computer tech has come a long way!

We successfully ran a 18.2 million cell CFD case on our newest GT model, which includes the engine, gearbox, differential, shafts etc. This is the closest detail level to a production car we will be running CFD calculations on.

The finer mesh seems to have improved the quality of the results since the calculation converged much sooner with the finer mesh.

Downforce: 5431N

Drag: 1101.8N

We are satisfied with the numbers the last aero kit produced and are now focusing on creating a production capable model.
None of our previous aero kits included the engine/gearbox/drivetrain, we added these to the last kit and it dramatically reduced the downforce value to around 4000N. However, we can sacrifice the weight distribution a bit to gain some(most) of the lost downforce. This is partly possible due to the small 1l engine we will be using which allows us to place it quite freely.

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