Our X-EMS project is moving along swiftly!

We just received a photo of the completed proto1 X-EMS board from 5 Watts, looks super-sweet! Also discussed the parameters for our test setup.


The real product will of course be much more versatile, this bare bones proto1 is just being made to test out everything on a tight time table.
Some parts have been deliberately over dimensioned, and a lot of protection circuits have been left out to speed up testing. The 30A drivers for instance don't need to be capable of that much current, but they will run cooler, so less attention will be needed on cooling for the proto1.

Something might go up in smoke, but hopefully not. The circuitry is relatively simple, so hopefully the bug count will be low as well. Even on this first proto.

Hardware specs (X-EMS proto1):

  • 2 hall sensor inputs (crank and cam position sensors)
  • 2 temp sensor inputs (coolant and intake temp)
  • 1 tps sensor input
  • 1 wideband lambda input
  • 8 power outputs (30A)
    • 4 injectors
    • 2 ignition
    • 1 cooling fan power
    • 1 spare


Firmware mods are coming along nicely also. Timing stuff and some code conversion left to go/check. But the testing will really get underway once we get it hooked up to our test car.

And we will have the er7 ready shortly also, to test the X-EMS proto1 on. Projects that move along quickly are really inspiring!