CNC machining, and specs for Max Hel

We've now started 5axis CNC machining on Max Hel, and with that have preliminary specifications for the full race variant of this engine!
First billet engine for the Nissan GT-R. "Bolt-in" compatible with the VR38 engine. Preliminary Max Hel specifications:
- highest power output Hel variant
- 4,000hp target power output for top drag racing teams
- 10,000rpm target
- 5000cc v6
- 400bar maximum cylinder pressure target
- 6 in-cylinder pressure sensors
- billet cylinder heads, billet block, billet crankshaft, billet girdle, custom pistons, custom rods
- dry sump lubrication
- 42mm inlet valves (+5mm from stock), 36mm exhaust valves (+4mm from stock)
- contoured inlet and exhaust ports with straighter ports, while maintaining valve guide support length and durability, as can already be seen in this articles picture!

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Why the "Hel" name?

The Nissan GT-R is commonly called "Godzilla", or "king of the monsters". So what would be a better fit than Hel, the half giant queen-ruler of the underworld. Daughter of Thor's brother. Linking Hel perfectly in Norse Mythology to our world's highest power-to-mass ratio OEM circuit racing engine, Thor.